Cleanest lorries to benefit from cut in HGV levy

Haulage firms will pay less under the HGV levy for using cleaner lorries from next year, while those operating lorries that do not meet the latest emissions standards will be expected to pay more, according to the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA).

The DVSA says the latest emissions standards will encourage hauliers to use less polluting vehicles and help improve air quality. In a change to the rules that comes into force on 1 February 2019, the HGV levy for Euro VI lorries will be reduced by 10 per cent. All other vehicles will pay 20 per cent more.

The HGV levy is just one element of the Government’s £3.5 billion programme to clean up the air and reduce emissions, which includes £255 million for councils to improve air quality and a dedicated Clean Air Fund of £220 million for those local areas with the biggest air quality challenges.

Information from: HGV UK, John Loughran