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How to Get The Most Out of Your CPC Training.

What is CPC Training?

Operating large/heavy good vehicles can be a risky endeavour. To reduce the risk and to help maintain a professional image for the industry, the government – along with EU regulations – introduced the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for coach and bus drivers in 2008, and for lorry drivers later in 2009.

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training is an essential qualification any professional lorry, bus or coach driver must obtain.  It was implemented in order to help drivers improve their skills.

It consists of two parts; an initial qualification for new drivers, and the second part to keep their CPC valid required all drivers to take 35 hours periodic training every five years.

What does the training involve?

The initial training for new drivers consists of four modules and includes the theory and practical tests the driver must take to procure a driver’s license. The further two modules are specific to professional lorry, bus or coach drivers.

The structure of the initial driver CPC training consists of:

- Theory test (a standard test which is required to receive a driver’s license)

- Practical test (a standard driving ability test which is necessary to receive a driver’s license)

- Case studies (CPC-specific test based on questions regarding scenarios which the driver may encounter while driving)

- Practical test (CPC-specific test requiring the driver to demonstrate and explain other fundamental components of lorry driving aside from driving)

In the case of renewing driving licenses, drivers must complete a total of 35 hours of training as a minimum and expect to be in each CPC module training course for a minimum of seven hours.

Benefits of CPC training

Drive safer.

It allows to be more reliable and better drivers, as they are more aware of how to avoid situations that can cause serious repercussions, and will help decrease the number of road-related causalities. The course also educates drivers on the importance of being alert and healthy as to avoid accidents caused by weariness, stress and fatigue while they are driving.

More efficient and environmentally friendly.

Part of the CPC training shows the drivers how to drive in a more fuel-efficient way; Once drivers know how to drive proficiently and utilise the right functions this will help reduce the carbon emission of the drive, as they are better equipped to be more aware of how they drive and the efficiency of their driving.

More employable.

One of the main benefits for drivers is that it helps them improve their knowledge and as a result makes them more employable. As there is a high demand for qualified and experienced individuals in this industry, obtaining or updating your driving CPC will give you an advantage in the job search market.

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