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Winter guide for HGV drivers.

How to keep safe during the winter period.

As a professional driver, it is your responsibility to make allowance for severe weather. Following the simple steps can help ensure your own safety and that of other road users.

There are three key points you need to consider for keeping yourself safe in winter weather:

1. Check the forecast

2. Check your vehicle

3. Plan for hazardous conditions

Always check the weather forecasts for warnings that may affect you.

This information will allow you and your transport manager to plan around the severe weather and pre-warn customers of delays.

Thorough vehicle checks are essential throughout the year but pay particular attention to the following checks during bad weather: tyre tread, frozen brakes, windows, windscreen wipers and mirrors, fluid levels, exhaust, vehicle and trailer body.

Check you have the correct equipment; be prepared for every situation.

Must-have equipment: De-icer and an ice scraper, warm clothing, torch, a shovel and a bag of sand or salt, road atlas (in case your sat-nav doesn't work), extra food and drink, mobile phone charger/portable power bank.

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