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How to make money with sports betting: 10 tricks that will surprise you

Is it possible to make money with sports betting? This is the question most online gamblers and bettors ask themselves, and it is a very difficult question to answer. Yes, we can make money with sports betting, but it is not easy at all. There are very few who can afford to live on what they earn betting in the world of sports, and we cannot forget that we are playing against a bookmaker and that, as we have heard so many times, the bank always wins. And even more so in a long-distance race like this one.

According to the data handled by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), only one out of four players earns money from betting and online gambling. But the difference between making a little money and making real money is such that the percentage of players with winnings of more than €3,000 does not exceed 0.55%. The figures do not deceive, the work is difficult, but with patience and a lot of head we have possibilities to win money betting.

10 tricks to win sports bets

Even so, there are a series of tricks or tips that we can put into practice in search of that goal of winning with sports betting now. Before reading on, you must be clear that this is a very difficult path, and that one of the determining factors is chance, so none of the tricks you will see below is infallible, although they do have a fairly high percentage of effectiveness. At the end of the day there is no such thing as a 100% sure bet, and the easier it is to be fulfilled, the lower the odds will be and the more you will have to invest to win.

Directional bullish bets: seize the opportunity when you see it.

There are trains that only run once in a lifetime, and that's what happens with directional bets. The key is that the implied probability of the odds offered by the bookmaker is lower than the actual probability of the predicted outcome, i.e. that the bet has value. Even if the bookies establish an odds before the match, it oscillates and many times they are forced to increase it, which will increase your chances of success. This is what happens when in a 1X2 bet the away odds is 2.0 (50% probability) but increases to 2.2 (45%) because the bettors opt for the 1 or X. This is why we must analyze the evolution of the odds.

✅ Betting arbitrage: he who seeks, finds.

Although most bookmakers offer similar odds, we sometimes encounter large differences and an unbalanced situation, where we can find safe bets. It is clear that no bookmaker will offer odds where you can lose, but if you analyze the odds of different bookmakers it is relatively easy to find that negative spread due to the adjustment of odds. So, by placing a contradictory bet at both bookmakers you will see that, whoever wins, the real winner will be you as the winnings at one bookie will make up for the money lost on the other bet.

✅ Low odds are not always safe bets.

Legend has it that with a low odds we are guaranteed green, but this is not the case. For example, with an odds of 1.05, usual in sports such as tennis, the chances of winning are 99.05%. However, it is a bet without value, which is not useful to improve odds around 1.5 and will put our bankroll at risk. By taking the green for sure we invest in the bet more than we should, putting at risk a high percentage of funds to obtain a minimum profit that does not always end up coming out. Such low odds are worthless and will not help you make money betting.

✅ Concentration versus impulse: analysis is the key.

Analysis is one of the keys to making your bets a success. We cannot bet impulsively, even though our instincts often lead us to do so. Behind every bet there should be a deep analysis of the odds and forecasts of the bet. You have to be fresh to bet so we will not play when we are emotionally touched, to overcome a bad streak or under the effects of substances such as alcohol or drugs, because in those cases we do not analyze the situation correctly nor value the risks. If you do so you have all the numbers to end up losing.

✅ Specialize in one market.

You have to diversify your bets (don't put all your eggs in the same basket), as this spreads the risk, but you can specialize in a sport or a specific market. For example, if you like boxing you can specialize in bitcoin casino software on the noble art; if you are a fan of the Premier League you can specialize in British soccer? A few years ago it would have been very complicated, but you have at your disposal all the necessary means to follow a competition or sport and specialize in it. Remember that the more you know about it, the easier it will be to get your bets right, and the more chances you have to win with them.

✅ Bet with your head, not your heart.

We all remember that Quiniela commercial where a player celebrated the defeat of his team because he had guessed the Pleno al 15. We don't have to go to that extreme, but we will bet with our heads and not with our hearts, although sometimes it is the most tempting thing to do. We have thousands of sports and markets on which we can bet, so we do not have to limit ourselves to our team, even if it is the one we know the most. When we bet on our team we tend to bet on the outcome we would like to see, not the most likely, so look for other markets and enjoy your team to the fullest without negatively affecting your pocketbook.

✅ Beware of accumulator bets

A combination bet is nothing more than the sum of bets, and the more variables you add to the betting slip, the more chances you have of losing. Of course, as our combined bet grows in variables so does the odds and there are many bookmakers that offer a bonus from a certain number of selections. The final odds are very attractive, and you may win once or twice, but in the medium and long term the combined bets will cause you losses. The easiest thing is that you will end up losing, even if you combine selections with very low odds, those that have almost no value. This also applies to system bets.

✅ Avoid live betting.

We have already talked about the importance of betting with your head, analyzing bets, market developments, etc., so.... can we bet live? All bookies do not offer the option of live betting, but we must be very careful because when we bet live we let ourselves be carried away by our impulses and emotions, and that is something that leads us nowhere. You will hardly manage to win betting live, so if you really want to make money with your bets limit yourself to prematch betting.

Tipsters: not everything is fair game.

Everyone is capable of giving a prediction for a sporting event. Even you can do it, but that doesn't guarantee that you will get it right. Tipsters play a very important role in the previous analysis of many bettors as they provide data and statistics essential for the success of the bet. But the network is also full of tipsters of dubious reputation, many of them paid, so before risking your money following the advice of these tipsters you should know the tipster, the percentage of success he usually has, in which markets he is specialized, yield, etc. And you also analyze the bet and decide if it convinces you, do not follow it just because a tipster advises you.

✅ Betting trading

We have said that when we bet we play against the bookmaker, who has everything to gain. But every rule has its exception, and in this case they are the so-called cross bets, in which instead of playing against the house we play against other bettors. Thus, you become the bookmaker. Winning with cross betting tends to be easier than with traditional betting, but the big problem with this model is the scarcity of the market in Spain: only Betfair allows us to place cross bets through its Betfair Exchange.

One last thing you should keep in mind is not to look for immediate returns, but to think in the long term. Any expert will tell you that at the beginning it is easy to lose with your bets, but little by little you will start to recover. Making money with sports betting is a very long race, and it is easy to go through bumps that make you consider a change of strategy. Of course, continuous losses are unsustainable, but you have to be patient and analyze the situation and the possible solutions.

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